Lockdown Perspectives – Part One: The Refugee Council

Our work here at Soundmix has always been linked closely with our fantastic partners the Refugee Council. Both organisations have undergone changes over the years but our relationship has remained consistent. This has been the case during lockdown, and the resilience shown is a key value that we hope filters down to our students too.

Joe Jakes is the Youth Development Project Coordinator in the Children’s Section of the Refugee Council and shared this message about our work:

‘Soundmix has been wonderful to work with since the lockdown.  Creating an online platform helped young people to adapt to technology, and gave them a sense of belonging and participation;… supported young people to maintain and develop their love for music and creativity;… offered a safe space for young people and helped them fight that growing sense of alienation and isolation during lockdown;… gave them a focus and made them happier by giving them music at their homes, increasing their general wellbeing and morale;…enhanced community connections and engaged kids from across the country.  Staff, volunteers and young people learned that we were all in this together, establishing a community spirit online against a common enemy.’

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