Lockdown perspectives – Part Two: Volunteers

Soundmix have always welcomed support from volunteers, both on the project management side and in workshop support.

Our current volunteer, Tsai, had come up through the Soundmix project when there was a session running at his college in Croydon. Now, remotely from his halls of residence at University, he continues to engage with the project as a volunteer workshop facilitator. In his own words:

During my volunteering, I have taken the chance to take the lead at different stages. For example, I have led warm up activities, guitar teaching, produced musical stems using computer software and led one of the instrument demonstration activities with the guitar Tutor’s help.  I feel engaged during the sessions, even though everyone on Zoom is far away from each other. The skills and techniques the tutors have shared with me has been helpful.

Although the Zoom Soundmix sessions are different from the face-to-face sessions I had a few years ago, I am always grateful for the opportunity to be able to work with the Soundmix musicians. I enjoy my time with them a lot, and I definitely learn a lot from them, too.   The most valuable benefit I have gained from the experience of volunteering at Soundmix, is being able to create materials and develop connections with the tutors.



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