About Us

What we do

A Soundmix eventSoundmix provides free, regular music-making sessions to young refugees and asylum seekers who are separated from their families.

We use guitars, keyboards and percussion to develop existing talents and teach new skills with a focus on performance and composition.

Who we are

Soundmix sessions are run by our programme manager with a group of dedicated tutors and volunteers. This group of trained musicians work with small groups of young people to help them develop their skills and confidence in musical performance.

Our impact

Our young people have often escaped extremely traumatic circumstances in their home countries, and the music sessions make a direct and lasting impact on their emotional wellbeing. Making music is a creative and therapeutic activity and an enjoyable break from the a guitar lessonappointments and assessments asylum seekers and refugees have to attend.

As well as offering some structure to their days, workshops develop better listening and communication skills and improved IT and English language capabilities. Two tutors and an interpreter where necessary are present in all our sessions to ensure the young people get the support they deserve.

Many participants have been supported into schools and music college places, accommodation, and work.

What our young people say

“The class has stopped me being crazy.” Hafiz

“Music is my medicine.” Ahmad

“The letters you wrote as reference made all the difference to the judge. He could see I had been busy doing what I love to do, making music, and he mentioned it as he gave me leave to remain.” Omid

We were founded in 2006, registered as a charity in England and Wales (charity number 1135281) in 2010, and now hope to expand our services to those who need it across London.