About Us

Soundmix are currently running singing, instrument and creative music workshops online and in person! Click HERE for more information and HERE to see our feature in Smiley News!

We are delighted to have had the pleasure of working with two new partner organisations during this summer term.  Soundmix tutors delivered a total of 8 outreach music workshops with CARAS (Community Action for Refugees and Asylum Seekers) in Wandsworth, and Into School in Lambeth between May and June 2022. Click HERE to read more!

A special thank you to our funders Right to Thrive/GLA, without whom delivery of these workshops would not have been possible.

Welcome to Soundmix

Soundmix is a small, dynamic charity based in London.

We believe that all young refugees and asylum seekers should have the opportunity to:

  • be children
  • fulfill their potential and
  • participate in society.

We harness the transformative power of music and arts to help them to do that.

A Soundmix event

What we do

Soundmix provides free music and arts based workshops for young refugees and asylum seekers in London. We’ve been doing it for nearly 15 years, and we’re proud to work in partnership with The Refugee Council and Children in Need.

To find out more about the young people that we work with, how we help them and how you can get involved, please contact us – we’d love to hear from you!

“The class has stopped me being crazy.” Hafiz

“Music is my medicine.” Ahmad

“The letters you wrote as reference made all the difference to the judge. He could see I had been busy doing what I love to do, making music, and he mentioned it as he gave me leave to remain.” Omid

“As a 15 year old teenager who arrived in the UK with very little English ability, Soundmix has encouraged me to express myself not only in the area of music but also in my daily life. Every performance that I took part in with Soundmix has helped me to build and develop myself confidence. With all the activities I was involved in, I have improved my instrumental and musical skills a lot in so many different ways. I have gained a lot of knowledge in music from Soundmix.

Soundmix also helped me getting a chance to meet new people and improve my sense of responsibility. Since Soundmix was not able to continue teaching sessions at my college anymore, I stood up and continued to run the sessions as a college student. I managed to get a few classmates of mine to help me with teaching instruments and planning everything and we performed a song at the annual awards evening of the college.

Overall, Soundmix has played an important role in my life and it has created a great impact to myself. In my opinion there are a lot of young people like me who deserve to get a life changing experience and to be improved and developed with the help of Soundmix, and Soundmix also deserves to get more chance to help the youth getting better in this country.”